problem w/winebuild and '@' in names

Mike McCormack mike at
Tue Mar 30 11:24:15 CST 2004

Hi Jon,

Another way to get around this problem is to use:

stdcall func at blah@xxx(long long) func_blah

because the code only stips off one @ sign and what follows it...
I've got no idea if that's the Right Way or not.


Jon Griffiths wrote:
> Hi,
> winebuild doesn't support export names with an '@' correctly. When
> parsing the spec file, the @X is stripped. This causes names to be
> incorrectly listed as duplicates.
> I'm hitting this with mapi32.dll. Outlook 97 imports using get
> procaddress on the name including the '@', and some exports are given
> both with and without the '@' decoration.
> I'm working around this for mapi32 by commenting out
> remove_stdcall_decoration( odp->name );
> at line 463 of parser.c.
> Is this a known problem, and is that the right solution?
> Cheers,
> Jon

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