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Vitaly Lipatov lav at
Thu Jul 14 08:20:28 CDT 2005

В сообщении от 14 Июль 2005 06:09 Rob Shearman написал(a):
> As much of the file locking as possible is done at the file system
> level, but the only filesystem that supports the Windows style locking
> semantics is smbfs. The rest we have to emulate in the wineserver. As
> the wineserver isn't shared between processes (Alexandre is doing work
> towards making this possible and I am doing work on the security side to
> make it safe to), the only other alternative is a shared locking server
> (as suggested by the Samba team). AFAIK, no one has started implementing
> their suggestion.
Rob, could your explain more in detail, in what condition now work above 
shared looking server (I correctly understand, what such way of support file 
loking is now chosen?). I would like, if is possible, participate in its 
creation, but I do not know, who above what works. For the information on a 
status of the project as I see it there is a page

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