The time of miracles...

Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at
Sun Nov 6 10:11:37 CST 2005

... has not yet passed, it seems!

Lo and behold, I managed to get Trillian to work past the splash
screen.  A bit early for a christmas miracle, but there it is :-).

This is, as far as I know, the first time anyone has gotten Trillian
to run with Wine CVS since late 2004.  That's about two years for you.

It also marks another historic event:  This is the first time in my
life that I've ever rejoiced upon hearing one of those lame
application startup sounds ;-).

This is the diff against wine 0.9:

Index: dlls/user/winpos.c
--- dlls/user/winpos.c	(revision 23257)
+++ dlls/user/winpos.c	(working copy)
@@ -808,9 +808,14 @@
     MinMax.ptMaxTrackSize.y = max( MinMax.ptMaxTrackSize.y,
                                    MinMax.ptMinTrackSize.y );

+    return;
+    // commenting next line out WILL fix Trillian.
     if (maxSize) *maxSize = MinMax.ptMaxSize;
+    // commenting next line out doesn't fix.
     if (maxPos) *maxPos = MinMax.ptMaxPosition;
+    // commenting next line out WILL fix Trillian.
     if (minTrack) *minTrack = MinMax.ptMinTrackSize;
+    // commenting next line out doesn't fix.
     if (maxTrack) *maxTrack = MinMax.ptMaxTrackSize;

The patch (also attached btw) should be self explanatory.

Basically it just returns a bit earlier in WINPOS_GetMinMaxInfo.

Obviously, WINPOS_GetMinMaxInfo is fucked, but I'm not sure how or why.

I'd like it if any of the experts could step in here, so we can:
* close bug 2658 and
* open a new one about why the contact list window stays hidden ;).

Questions (please help!):
1. Is it correct to just stop mucking about with the application's 4
variables as done above?
Will that break other things?

2. How can I test the behaviour on Windows?
(I've finally gotten VMWare to run on 2.6.14 - joy =))
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