WINE Regression due to patch 18110: Font size issues in MS Word dropdowns

Robert Shearman rob at
Sun Nov 6 17:11:53 CST 2005

Arren Lex wrote:

> This is a NON-FATAL, merely cosmetic regression. The application in 
> question still functions.
> I have just finished regression testing WINE according to these 
> instructions:
> In Microsoft Word 2000, in WINE prior to Monday, June 13, 2005, 
> 05:01:32 CDT, when you moved your mouse over the dropdown boxes in the 
> standard toolbar which allow you to select font size, font face, etc. 
> the boxes become embossed like they're supposed to. However, after 
> patch 18110 was applied, all that happens when you mouse over these 
> boxes is that the text suddenly gains several sizes and cuts off at 
> the first letter, makes the box either inconvenient or entirely 
> unusable. The patch that caused this problem is the following:
> An image illustrating this process is below:
> Is it possible to fix this annoying regression? Thank you for your time!

It is not a regression. It is just that the builtin riched20 is being 
used instead of the native version. IIRC, Office should install its own 
version of riched20 that it should be using. The patch just fixed a 
problem that caused the classes used by the Rich Edit control to not be 
available to any apps.

Rob Shearman

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