Segmentation Fault in wine cvs after 0.9

Christoph Frick frick at
Mon Nov 7 07:17:13 CST 2005

On Mon, Nov 07, 2005 at 12:31:37PM +0100, wino at wrote:

> >oh well and btw: gcc 4.0.2.pre (or so) is my compiler.
> come on fellas! now you're using unstable , pre-release compilers.
> please dont waste time here. There enough true disfunctionality in Wine  
> that needs to be tracked down and corrected without deliberately trying to  
> break things.

sorry this compiler came with the distribution - i have no other choice.
i also have the impression, that its quite common to linux distributions
to use the latest alpha-code to impress the with the high version
numbers on the box.

i used various gcc versions over the last years but always used the same
compiler flags - never had any problems until last week after the 0.9
release. if -fomit-frame-ponters is the culprit and wine will from now
on never ever work with this setting, then add a error to the
configure or warn-and-remove from the CFLAGS; but if the resulting code
from the same compiler works fine with 20050830 and 20050920 and even
with post-09-cvs when using WINEDEBUG=+all, then something is fishy in
wine and at least its good to talk about it... and prevent this in the
future. obviously also others had the problem with "released" compilers.


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