Needs some guidance (aclui/netapi32)

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Tue Nov 8 23:41:00 CST 2005

Hi Paul,

> I'm trying to add some extra functions to our netapi32 (domain service
> related stuff) as this is needed by Process Explorer (or actually by
> native aclui.dll).

Cool.  I'd just try to stub out the missing functions for now if I were
you.  Maybe this is what you're already trying.

> I prefer not to go the way of adding loads of native dll's, but if so
> what versions of dll's should I use? Before the move to win2k as the
> default we were advised to use win98 dll's, but now?

Last time I looked (though it has been a while) native netapi32 depended
on way too much stuff to have a chance.  The WinXP version at least
depends on all sorts of SID/Lsa stuff that aren't around.  The win98
version doesn't implement the same set of functions, and functions with
the same names sometimes have different arguments, so I suspect you won't
have much luck there either.

Your best bet is what you're doing: work on our netapi32 to get aclui not
to crash.  Fortunately it's only a few functions, and you can hardcode
values until you figure out what it needs.

Good luck,

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