Measuring Wine's API completeness

Steven Edwards winehacker at
Thu Nov 10 17:14:06 CST 2005


On 11/10/05, Michael Jung <mjung at> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> talking to David Gümbel today the idea came up that it might be worth it to
> introduce an additional section in the comments that document the exported
> APIs. Something like 'IMPLEMENTATION STATUS', which would document the
> author's opinion on how complete the implementation of a given API is. We
> could introduce a classification scheme similar to:


> 1. We could generate the 'Wine DLLs Status' page automatically with every
> release and we would have a historical record in cvs, which gives another
> view on the progress we make.

We have a dynamic page like this for ReactOS though I don't like it
because it only supports implemented and unimplemented tags in the
function comment. Having a semi-implemented tag would be nice.
Alexandre did not like our use of the @implemented and @unimplemented
tags at the time because it did not take in to account APIs that were
partly implemented like your propose.

It would be really great if the two projects could agree on a system.


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