Ok to call CoInitialize in the file dialogs?

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Fri Nov 11 14:18:39 CST 2005

Michael Jung wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> On Friday 11 November 2005 09:37, Eric Pouech wrote:
>>I ran into similar problems in shell32/shellole.c, function
>>Shouldn't when both bLoadFromShell32 and bLoadWithoutCOM are false call
>>CoInitialize before CoCreateInstance (I got once a program needing it) ?
> It's not obvious to me where we would call CoUninitialize in this case. As I 
> understand it, we have to keep COM initialized until the created object is 
> destroyed again. The short test program, which I've sent with the initial 
> mail, seems to indicate that while COM is initialized inside 
> SHBrowseForFolder, it's un-initialized again afterwards.
> Bye,
I was more referring to the missing call to CoInitialize... I don't 
think it's reasonable here to call CoUninitialize here ;-)


Eric Pouech

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