Question about ~/.wine/dosdevices/

Peter Berg Larsen pebl at
Sun Nov 13 17:10:55 CST 2005

On Sun, 13 Nov 2005, Vitaliy Margolen wrote:

> That's you who can't read. I will repeat again: "~/.wine/dosdevices/c: points to
> what windows programs will see as a "c:" drive."

> Please read it again (if that's what it takes). Then thing about "what does c:
> drive or any other drive means on windows".

I read it and it only answered one of my questions which wasnt enough. 

On Sun, 13 Nov 2005, wino at wrote:

> On Sun, 13 Nov 2005 23:04:14 +0100, Peter Berg Larsen <pebl at> wrote:

> > Hmm, you are the third to answer me, but none so far have answered my
> > questions.

> That's because you have a preconceived idea of what the answer is 
> supposed to be and you are not taking in what everyone is telling you.

Yes, that is half true. But had anyone answered all questions, like: 

The reason I ask is that icewind dale on /mnt/windows/ does a 
FindFirstFileA("C:/program...") which wine translates to dosdevice/c: and 
ofcause does not find anything. Am I suppose to make a link to where the 
program is installed, as if I had installed it with wine? 

with; wine does not support running a program installed under 
/mnt/windows/ I would only had to ask once.


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