msvcrt incompatibility in Origin 6.0 when saving documents

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Mon Nov 28 17:19:32 CST 2005

>>>>> "Olaf" == Olaf Leidinger <leidola at> writes:

    Olaf> Hello List!  I'm testing Origin 6.0 using wine-0.9.1 and
    Olaf> everything is really fine except saving documents. I'm getting a
    Olaf> crash here. Just before that crash there is a dialog telling me:
    Olaf> "File not saved. Please ensure that the disk isn't full" (roughly
    Olaf> translated). Using a native version of msvcrt everything works
    Olaf> fine. So I suppose that the problem lies in the builtin msvcrt ;-)

    Olaf> Running origin60.exe using +relay, I also get the message dialog,
    Olaf> but the app doesn't crash. (Timing problem?)

    Olaf> Perhaps anybody could tell me where to start looking for the
    Olaf> problem. Going trough the +relay-logs I can't find anything
    Olaf> suspect. But I'm not very familliar with the win32 api ;-(

Try running the application with the debugger and builtin msvcrt. Perhaps
you get a backtrace of the crash.  Otherwise try in the relay trace (builtin
msvcrt, showing the messagebox but not the crash) to find where the
messagebox is called. You can seach for the message text. Now work up the
log and try to find why the program decides to emit the messagebox.

Hope this helps!

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