LOSTWAGES: Replace references to CVS with Git

Mike McCormack mike at codeweavers.com
Mon Aug 21 07:47:13 CDT 2006

Jeff Latimer wrote:

> Mike I suppose that the problem is that wrapping your mind around git 
> and working out how to handle patches, especially as it takes time to 
> get them accepted, revert them and manage trees etc is difficult.  I 
> don't know about other but I have had a number of perplexing and 
> utimately complete re cloning sessions to recover from problems with 
> creating patches and comits etc.  Hence git whatschanged has been of 
> limited value.  Given my experiences, I think it is going to be quite a 
> step to start up in the future with git.

Git isn't CVS, and might be confusing coming from the background of 
using CVS.

If you have problems using Git, it shouldn't be too hard to get help. 
We answer questions about Git on the IRC channels and wine mailing 
lists, and have a page dedicated to it on the Wiki.

Though Git is a little more difficult that CVS, I'm still pretty sure 
that learning it is worth the effort.  Unlike CVS, Git was designed with 
sending patches via email in mind, so Git makes life easier for regular 
contributors, and for Alexandre.

In the last three months, Alexandre has averaged over 800 commits per 
month, which is higher than we ever had when using CVS.   When we 
standardize on using Git to send patches, things will improve more.


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