will be moving to a new server today.

Jeremy Newman jnewman at
Thu Jul 20 22:35:42 CDT 2006

Thanks. ;)

Sorry to everyone for the extended downtime. It has been a nightmare of
the worst sysadmin kind. I had stress tested 2 different motherboards.
The first one would run for less than 12 hours or so then crash. The
second one lasted 48 hours with no issues. I decided to go ahead with
the installation on that mobo.

So only after 2 hours of being at the co-lo the box dies with a kernel
panic. Ugh. I ran to my favorite local hardware shop and bought a
different brand of mobo.

For the moment the box is up, but I'm still not sure of the stability
since this mobo didn't go through my normal rounds of stress testing. I
won't go into the gory details, but trust me when I say I'm not happy
with everything that has transpired. I'm not likely to be buying certain
brands of hardware ever again.

I need a beer.

On Thu, 2006-07-20 at 20:06 -0700, Juan Lang wrote:
> Hey Newman--for me, at least, the whole site is _much_ zippier.  Love it.  Thanks for all the work!
> --Juan

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