mscoree: Graphical notice

Paul Chitescu paulc at
Thu Nov 9 13:31:44 CST 2006

Hi, Segin!

I am working on mscoree to add Mono support the proper way. It works for 
me but there are a few rough edges.

However, Mono installation should be optional and it would be nice to have 
a warning that it's not present, eventually similar to the one that asks 
to download Gecko.

Checking if stdin is a tty is probably not a good idea. It would be great 
to check if the current program is a GUI or a console one and pop up the 
warning only for a GUI one.

So... how to check the susbsystem type of the current process?

Paul Chitescu

On Wed, 8 Nov 2006, Segin wrote:
> Is it a wise idea to add a graphical warning to mscoree that Wine
> doesn't support running .NET applications directly yet? I was thinking
> about using a MessageBox() to deliver the warning. I also wanted the
> popup to be displayed conditionally, in which if Wine was started from
> the commandline, the box isn't displayed at all. Since most DEs spawn
> programs that, although their output reaches the tty that 'startx' was
> called from, they aren't attached to that tty. Evidence this by starting
> "tty" from within KDE or GNOME, then switch to the virtual console that
> you started your X session from. You should note a line near the bottom
> that says "not a tty". From a program's perspective, you can check for
> this by calling isatty(1) (file descriptor 1 is usually standard output,
> and I belive that POSIX mandates this behaviour) and checking if the
> return value is one (or not, in which display the GUI warning). Is using
> OS-level file descriptors in conjunction with functions such as isatty()
> safe programming practice with Wine? I wasn't to sure, and wanted to know.

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