OLE Automatization Linux's OpenOffice from wine app

Alexandr Kochmin alexandr at intakom.ru
Sun Nov 19 19:58:57 CST 2006

  RS>> Thanks, but I know this way.
 RS>> Also I think to have 2 copy of Open Office: one in Linux other in wine
 RS>> is not so good.
 RS>> May be there is another way to use OpenOffice in wine?
 RS> You think that they're the same, but they're not. The two versions of
 RS> OpenOffice for two different platforms have different features - the
 RS> Win32 one is the only one with OLE Automation support.

Thanks, but what is analog for OLE in Linux.
How I can use OpenOffice as reportGenerator in my programs.

Kochmin Alexandr 

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