[2/8] wined3d: Select the right shader backend when creating the device

H. Verbeet hverbeet at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 18:11:12 CST 2006

On 28/11/06, Frank Richter <frank.richter at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 27.11.2006 23:53, H. Verbeet wrote:
> > Either way, you're not going to be
> > using software vertex shaders together with HW pixel shaders, that's
> > just silly.
> Fun fact: a lot of Intel chips (up to the i945 I believe) have fragment
> program silicon but none for vertex programs - reality can be really
> silly sometimes.
Yes, but afaik they still expose the "hardware" OpenGL interfaces,
which is what we're talking about here.

> > - Mixing ARB and GLSL backends is pretty silly as well.
> Why? I believe you can e.g. perfectly mix GLSL vertex programs together
> with multitexturing setups.
ARB as in ARB_vertex_program or ARB_fragment_program, I'm not sure
what multitexturing has to do with it. You can't, for example,
properly use ARB_fragment_program together with a GLSL vertex shader.
(You might be able to get away with it due to the way GLSL is
implemented on a specific implementation, but you're certainly not
supposed to).

> allowing the mixing of types probably leads to a more complete feature
> set in the end.
Except that there are no actual meaningful combinations to make.

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