Symbol demangling and the games crashing

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sat Sep 9 03:00:09 CDT 2006

Am Freitag 08 September 2006 19:38 schrieb Vijay Kiran Kamuju:
> Hi,
> In the bug reports I have seen that we are facing problems with symbol
> demangling of '_R' operators and 'Y' datatypes.
> err:msvcrt:symbol_demangle Unknown operator: _R
> and
> err:msvcrt:demangle_datatype Unknown type Y
> Escpecially for games StarTrek Armada and Gothic.
Are you speaking about Gothic 1 or Gothic 2? Gothic 2 needs native dmusic and 
friends to work(dmime, dmloader, dmsynth, dmusic). I don't know about 
Startrek Armada, can you send me a +ddraw,+d3d7 trace, or file a bug report 
if there isn't already one?
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