RegisterHotKey/UnregisterHotKey implementation...success?

Aaron Slunt tonglebeak at
Tue Sep 19 19:35:10 CDT 2006

The above link I looked at, and I saw this person was apparently 
crashing with the patch when trying to register a hotkey twice (that's 
how I interpreted it).

Anyways, I looked at the patch, and cleaned it up so it applies to the 
current git tree. Anyways, it seems that I simply cannot reproduce the 
crash he was talking about. I binded F1 in HLSS (Half-Life Sound 
Selector), and opened another copy of HLSS. It simply would not allow me 
to register the key again. So I closed the second copy of HLSS and 
opened Ventrilo. I attempted to bind F1, and again it simply would not 
allow it.

And let me make this clear, not once did I crash with this patch. HLSS 
works (fundamentally, not perfectly) when using it with Counter-strike 
(the hotkey works, there are window management problems though which 
have nothing to do with this) and I just never crashed with it.

I'm attaching the patch for others to test if they could, and to see if 
a crash can be reproduced. But to me it looks like the work Robert Reif 
and Vincent Povirk is a huge success.*
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