msi/iTunes and questions

Mike McCormack mike at
Wed Sep 20 13:51:00 CDT 2006

Paul Vriens wrote:

> The single-quotes should be needed as the SQL statement in the trace showed:
> trace:msi:MSI_DatabaseOpenViewW L"SELECT `Message` FROM `Error` WHERE
> `Error` = The installlation of QuickTime did not complete successfully.
> iTunes requires QuickTime." 0x6669a498

Might be worth checking MSDN first... the action is described here:

The above query is meant to fail.  The action data can either contain an 
error message, or a number that references an entry in the Error table.

The way it works at the moment is just to try using the action data in 
the query, and if the query fails, then use the action data as it is.

If you add quotes, the query won't work, as it's looking up a number not 
a string.

It might make sense to check if the custom action data is a number or a 
string to avoid the bad query.


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