cryptnet: Sign-compare warning fix (try 2)

Andrew Talbot Andrew.Talbot at
Mon Aug 25 13:36:30 CDT 2008

Juan Lang wrote:

> Yes, I know what the value of CRYPT_E_NOT_FOUND is, and what the type
> of GetLastError is.  My point is, Microsoft confused signed and
> unsigned types for their last error values.  We have to live with it.

Indeed. (And sorry, I didn't mean to sound patronizing.)

> I don't think the cost of adding silly casts or temporaries to avoid
> giving a warning on a common code idiom is worth it.

That's the trouble with some warnings: some instances you want to fix and
some you know you can safely ignore. I presumed that we were aiming to turn
this warning on permanently, but that may not be the intention, and maybe
the downside you highlight makes doing so not worthwhile.


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