Can I do this in WINE?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Fri May 23 22:48:03 CDT 2008

Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
> Bret Comstock Waldow wrote:
>> Otherwise, I need to know about the legality, and practicality, of a
>> scheme such as I am proposing above.  I'm hoping for comment, pointers,
>> and perhaps help about writing it.
Like Vitality said, the Wine project would like to avoid this, if 
possible.  However, the statements made about the 'parts' of Windows you 
are using.  If you are using a .dll that is available ONLY with a 
retail/OEM Windows package, you just might be violating the laws of your 
country.  Here it is best to consult a copyright attorney before DOING 
ANYTHING.  In the United States, copyright violations can be VERY 
expensive.  If you get several of the United States government entities 
involved, fines can be very high and you can end up with a lengthy stay 
in one of the country's finer prisons.
> You have to have valid _retail_ license of whatever windows version parts of 
> which you want to use with Wine.
Depends on where you are living.  The European Union threw out most of 
the End User License Agreement as unenforceable.  In the United States 
of America, your statement is completely true.  However, it is best to 
avoid piracy if at all possible.
> You can only use OEM version if you using the same hardware your license 
> came with.
Again, see above.  However, if you are using a re-destributiable and it 
does not have the 'new' EULA, you can use the package with Wine.  .NET 3 
has the new EULA that states it MUST be used with Microsoft Windows and 
thus the Genuine check.
> This makes completely impractical for anyone to use such a setup. Wine is 
> made to avoid having windows all together, not requiring it.
Here, here.  Let's build into Wine the functionality to support most 
popular Windows programs and rid ourselves of the need to rely on 
Windows .dll code.

James McKenzie

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