wintrust(2/3): Remove a couple tests that fail on a variety of systems (try 2)

Paul Vriens at
Thu Feb 12 10:40:10 CST 2009

Juan Lang wrote:
>>> I think that these failures are also because of "not enough rights"
>>> (people running winetest as a normal user). So just removing them is
>>> probably not the best approach?
>> Maybe it's not that there are not enough rights. The common denominator that
>> I see is that all reports/boxes that produce these failures seems to be
>> coming from one person (Ge). Maybe worthwhile checking with him before just
>> removing the tests?
> Perhaps.  The last error didn't change in any of these tests, so I'm
> discinclined to believe it's a permissions issue.  The only change was
> that on some systems the return value is FALSE, whereas on others it's
> TRUE.  I don't think a test that says ok(ret == TRUE || ret == FALSE)
> is worth much, so I removed it.
> In general, I treat this Windows boxes as oracles:  if they behave a
> certain way, then by definition that's allowed behavior.  The only
> exception is when the behavior differs and is clearly broken on older
> machines.  Since in this case, the failures are on relatively new
> machines as well, the tests appear to be flawed.
> Of course, if it's a misconfiguration, I'll reconsider.
> --Juan
What we maybe need in the header of the report is more information:

- The locale
- The screen dimensions
- Do we have admin rights

(just brainstorming here).

That would make it easier to decide if it's a misconfiguration or a real 
acceptable configuration.



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