Running a simple .Net 3.0 application.

Louis Lenders xerox_xerox2000 at
Thu Jan 15 09:38:41 CST 2009

>Are you sure that wine's d3d9 is available? (e.g. missing opengl libs on
>your linux system?) the GdiEntry13 stub sounds a bit like it tried to use
>native d3d9.dll, which doesn't work on Wine(and most likely never will)

Yes i'm sure, as the biggest problem that prevented the app from running was 
apparently in IDirect3D9ExImpl_EnumAdapterModesEx; the app crashed right
 after the fixme for that function was printed. Disabling d3d9 got it futher.

As for GdiEntry13: it's documented on 
(see GdiEntry13 is #defined as an alias for this function)
Apparently it is called from some kind of dll from the .net framework.

( James:for clarity,  i didn't have to do anything nasty to get the app
running (and i even lack those capabilities ;) ) : all unimplmented functions 
are documented on msdn, so it ;s just a matter of returning some obvious return
value. The only function that seems undocumented is NtSecureConnectPort, but 
fortunately that can be found in wine's include/winternl.h) 

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