Direct3D 10 Current Status

Henri Verbeet hverbeet at
Mon Jul 6 04:53:22 CDT 2009

Chris Smowton wrote:
> Hello,
> First of all my apologies if you're the wrong person to ask; I got your
> name by searching the wine-cvs list for who seemed to be doing most
> D3D10 work. If you're not the right person to ask the following
> questions, I'd appreciate if you'd advise who if anyone I'd be better
> off asking.
In general, wine-devel is the most appropriate place for questions like

> Now then, I'd like to ask you about the current state of Wine's D3D10
> support. I'm looking at how much effort will be required to gain D3D10
> support for virtual machines, and Wine's D3D9 code has of course been
> used in a few virtualisation solutions. Here are my specific questions:
> 1. Would I be right in assuming that D3D10 support is currently very
> basic -- at the level of user apps being able to create a device and
> context, but not perform rendering as of yet?
Pretty much. We can do some rendering, but don't expect anything beyond
very simple sample applications to work.

> 2. What about shaders -- has the Wine project made much progress
> supporting the new shader models?
We have some initial SM4 support. We can reuse a lot of the
infrastructure for previous shader models, but the SM4 binary format
isn't publicly documented anywhere, as far as I'm aware.

> 3. Whilst of course Wine doesn't need to do this, have you gained any
> insight into how the MS D3D10 usermode runtime interfaces with the DWM?
> I assume that simply replacing d3d10.dll on a Windows system with the
> hope of remoting rendering is not practicable because the runtime
> presumably creates the window's primary surface with a shared handle,
> and passes that handle on to the DWM to perform rendering. I see no
> reason why that internal D3D usermode runtime <--> window manager
> process interaction ought to be documented, and so a replacement for
> d3d10.dll on a real Windows system would seem like it would necessarily
> involve reverse engineering that process, but perhaps I'm wrong?
We didn't really look. I'd expect that to be done by dxgi rather than
d3d10 or d3d10core though.


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