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Steven Edwards winehacker at
Sat Jul 18 23:48:34 CDT 2009

On Sat, Jul 18, 2009 at 5:53 PM, Joel
Holdsworth<joel at> wrote:
> The icon is the standard "certification" icon taken from the Tango base
> set. From what I can see it represents a wax seal - the old way of
> certifying one's identity. In fact the original icon has the seal drawn
> in yellow on the left of the certificate, so the idea isn't too crazy.
> You could be right though. Maybe the metaphore isn't as clear as it
> could be - especially when the UI explicitly uses the word
> "certificates".

Yes all the other icons seem very intuitive and you guys have been
doing great work with this but this one I think might confuse someone.

> Drawing high quality icons takes me a long time, so I'm trying to avoid
> creating too much work for myself. On the other hand if people think
> it's wrong, then I don't mind working to get it right.
> It doesn't matter too much either way though, because cryptui is very
> obscure - so obscure that it's only after months of work on this project
> that I've been able to find a way to actually display the dialog for the
> first time! I had to write custom test software to do it! So whatever
> happens the impact on users will be quite low.

Hehe sounds like Fun! I don't think we have to replace all of them or
at least not at one shot (at least not for something as obscure as
this one) because it is a lot of work. I think the old icon is pretty
clean in its meaning, it would be nice if we could have something just
like it but Tangoised.

Steven Edwards

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