suggestions about MacOS DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH patch

Steven Edwards winehacker at
Mon Jul 20 08:34:04 CDT 2009

On Sun, Jul 19, 2009 at 12:23 PM, Emmanuel Maillard<mahanuu at> wrote:
> But it's an external appplication, your desktop environment, that handle
> *.desktop file; wine just generate them...

As per the private email I sent. I could see that working if we can
convince Alexandre of the need of an external helper application for
OS X. Keeping the existing winemenubuilder code mostly as is and
having it write xdg menus and associations would be pretty simple. We
could just change a few lines to have it write xdg in
~/Library/Application Support/Wine/WineMenuBuilder

> So don't choose ~/Applications but : /Applications/Wine or
> let's the user to choose if want an Applications folder in is Homedir.

The reason for using ~/Applications as opposed to /Applications is
that Wine has no knowledge or real support for multi-user prefixes.
Each .wine being local to the user that creates it will have their own
applications, etc. If we write the menus to /Applications and another
user logs in then they won't be able to run those applications.

> False with WineHelper :
> User opens HomeDirectory or Finder
> User goes to desired path and selects Winword.exe (.msi, .lnk)
> (Helper start if needed) Winwords start
> as intuitive as your Case 2 ...

If the associations for Wine and the given type are set right (*.exe,
*.msi, *.lnk, *.whatever) then I could see this working at least for a
default WINEPREFIX. All of that assumes the executable and or links
are easy to find and we have the virtual start menu. Again the problem
I see is if your setting associations for installed applications it
makes supporting a given prefix not really possible.

> WineHelper is Open Source so you can add any features you want, fork it,
> ask write access to Darwine CVS, send me patches (i must still have write
> access)

I don't really know what I want besides a simple way to access
installed applications. Bundles give me that, though I can see how a
helper might have some advantages. Honestly though, I don't have the
free cycles to write one. I've spent over a month or two just
researching Bundles vs Finder Aliases and HFS resource forks trying to
come up with a seemless solution and you see how little I've written.

> So please just use /Applications or ask the user if he want an a new
> directory
> in his Homedir.

If its truly a single user system then prompting one time for a
location, either /Applications or ~/Applications seems like the right
method to me.

For me though it all comes back down to supporting future design like
better prefix support while making it work today. I'm going to revise
my patch to support direct execution of shell scripts and clean it up
so that its not such a hack with the existing xdg code an resubmit.
Assuming Alexandre accepts that, there is nothing stopping us from
developing something better down the road but for now, users will have
a Wine they can actually use once they have apps installed.

Steven Edwards

"There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and
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