[PATCH] [RFC] Make drive C always a "Local disk"

Paul Chitescu paulc at voip.null.ro
Sun Mar 8 10:12:48 CDT 2009

On Sunday 08 March 2009 02:43:43 King InuYasha wrote:
> Drive C: is not necessarily the truly central drive. I have seen Windows
> installs that installed on D: and have C: as a permanently mounted network
> share. To assume that drive C: is always what it is... is blasphemy.
> However, Wine does make this assumption, and probably the patch would be
> appropriate. Just throwing that out there. However, I have also seen wine
> installs onto a network where the WINEPREFIX is a network share so that
> multiple people can use the same program.
> [...]

Having the C: drive always present and always local is a good idea and will 
save users _lots_ of trouble.

I have (or had - not booted it in eons) a Windows 2000 server that doesn't 
have a C: but only a F: (default install of W2K on an older Compaq with SCSI 
disk and some existing partitions) and many applications failed to install, 
including several Microsoft ones.

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