Chromium unit test suite as source of Wine tests

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Mar 22 12:29:02 CDT 2009

Hey folks,
the chromium project has a very nice unit test suite,
and the chromium team pores over it with purify and
now, on linux, valgrind to make sure everything is clean.
This makes it a rather attractive test case for Wine
even if Wine isn't really trying to run Chrome itself.

I just filed three bugs for the problems found by chromium's
base_unittests.exe, net_unittests.exe, and test_shell_tests.exe
( ),
on top of the old bug about running chromium's ui_tests.exe

I also added a suggestion about this in

It would be cool to see this test suite run daily to
look for wine regressions somehow.

OK, back to the native linux port of chromium...


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