Dib Engine: some update

Massimo Del Fedele max at veneto.com
Fri May 1 06:58:39 CDT 2009

Luke Benstead ha scritto:
> 2009/5/1 Scott Ritchie <scott at open-vote.org>:
>> Massimo Del Fedele wrote:
>>> I put on bug's 421 page an update of my dib engine.
>>> It implements AlphaBlend, StretchBlt and has many color fixes.
>>> If you want to try it, just follow instructions on above page.
>>> Ciao
>>> Max
>> Keep at it, it's very exciting :)
>> Thanks,
>> Scott Ritchie
> Yeah, nice work Max! You are doing an amazing job, I just wish that we
> knew how to get it into vanilla Wine! My bro really needs this to move
> his (and several work) machines to Ubuntu, but unfortunately I'm 100
> miles away and he wouldn't have a clue how to compile and patch Wine.
> I might have a stab at packaging a custom version :)
> Luke.
Thank you all for your messages, I'm glad it's useful for somebody :-)
I was thinking too on packaging a custom version with the patches on
my tree.... btw, I have a couple more which weren't applied because
"ugly", one allows printing on formats different than printer's
default one (a need for most autocad users...).
I'm not too good on debian packaging, but if you have some script
that can do it we could find a place to host them.



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