Severity levels

Nicklas Börjesson Nicklas.Borjesson at
Sun May 3 16:10:40 CDT 2009

>How many times does this have to be repeated?  Severity levels are NOT 
>determined by how much a user wants the app to work.  They're just not, 
>deal with it.

I have never said it is, either. 
I said it think it should be determined by how severe the user thinks 
it is(if devs then cares about it is another matter).
You seem to be convinced that all users are morons hyping their own stuff. 

>>>If a set of devs decide to work on getting a particular app working
>>>that's up to them, and we've already been over this too.

>> Obviously. I can't remember opposing that?

>Who said you had?

Why writing that we've had already been over it, then?!??

"you can't see the picture" 
"Not to you, no.  Only what you think is right."


This doesn't lead anywhere, you constantly misread me and I don't seem to understand what you are getting at.
For some reason, I seem to annoy the hell out if you. I really don't get it, it is not my intention. 
Do I have some kind of attitude I need to be aware of? I am not a native English speaker.

Anyway, it has been obvious from the start that you and I can't communicate. 
Therefore, I am backing out(hands in air) of this discussion before...uh.. after it has gotten out of hand.


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