Wine programs - replicating bad design/bugs

Jerome Leclanche adys.wh at
Sat Nov 28 05:33:14 CST 2009

Ok, posting here to get a broader feedback on the issue.

Recently, another bug* was closed about an enhancement to a wine
program - a minor feature not present on Windows. This is an issue
I've seen brought up before, and which I've brought up myself**.
As far as the win32 api goes, I can totally agree on dysfunctions that
need to be replicated. However I find this unnecessary for the wine
programs (notepad, wordpad, regedit, any or more).
The idea behind bug 20844 was to have a better integration with the
desktop, where Shift-F3 is a common keybind for "Search previous...".
The only problem with this kind of mindset is "where should we stop
with new features?". IMHO, the issue behind the two bugs linked below
is only a matter of better integration, better design.

I can also understand how some developers' goal is to close bugs,
sometimes disregarding the fact there is a problem to deal with before


J. Leclanche

PS. In bug 18622, I'm not talking about a case-insensitive registry,
but for the key being actually renamed.

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