Working on "DOS" VGA.

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Fri Apr 2 13:53:44 CDT 2010

Am 02.04.2010 um 02:08 schrieb chris ahrendt:

> Just my 2 phennings worth on this...
> Why reinvent the wheel... I would say instead of doing the emulator inside wine... or a JIT... why not have
> wine intersept the call to start the vm86 mode.. and forks off and starts DOSEMU or whatever DOS box system is
> configured.. That way wine doesnt have to worry about it...
Because you can mix modes in one executable. Take for example the average modern dos game: They start as real mode apps, then switch to a 32 bit protected mode dos extender(e.g. dos4gw.exe). I wouldn't be surprised if the app can transform itself into a Win16 app that tries to pop up a window. Wouldn't work well in Linux dosemu.

What may work better however is using a Win32 dosemu binary to load the app. Then we just have to make sure that windows dosemu can deal with such mixed apps.

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