bt all broken?

Peter Urbanec at
Fri Apr 23 06:51:09 CDT 2010

On 09/04/10 19:10, Peter Urbanec wrote:
> On 07/04/10 06:39, Dan Kegel wrote:
>> winedbg's bt all seems broken since sometime between 1.1.40 and now.
>> Has anybody else seen this?
> If I start a program under debugger control with "./wine winedbg 
> ~/test/my.exe" then I see errors such as "Can't get context for thread 
> 0021 in current process" or backtraces like this:
> Backtrace:
> =>0 0xf773d42e uni2cp_low+0x576e() in (0x0033f7a8)
> Backtrace:
> =>0 0xf773d42e uni2cp_low+0x576e() in (0x0033f7a8)
> 0xf771d42e: jmp 0xf771d423
> If a program crashes and invokes the debugger (which I have modified 
> to execute "bt all" instead of "bt" by default), I get a full set of 
> backtraces.

I am now getting bad "bt all" even with the debugger being invoked from 
a crash. I see this:

=>0 0xf770c42e cp2uni+0x4b8e() in (0x0033f7a8)

for every thread in the program that crashed.

Tested with wine 1.1.43, plus all commits up to about 4 hours ago.


Are you still seeing this problem? Any ideas as to what may have caused it?


     Peter Urbanec

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