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Vincent Pelletier plr.vincent at
Wed Apr 28 02:13:24 CDT 2010

Le dimanche 25 avril 2010 01:44:03, Dan Kegel a écrit :
> You can read more about it at

Nice tool.
I'm trying to add support for installers.
At the moment, I can install setup_duke3d.exe unattended (I only used it as it 
is the smallest installer I have from GOG). I have problems supporting GOG 
installers which install Adobe Reader (aside from the reported crash, I'm 
still trying to find an elegant way to disable its installation). I should 
send a patch soon.

On the iso & copy protection topic: It is possible to generate bin + toc 
images from cds with cdrdao[1] and to mount them with fuseiso[2]. This *might* 
improve copy protection support. No idea on how portable nor how efficient it 
can be.

[1] Something along the lines of
    cdrdao read-cd --driver generic-mmc-raw --read-raw --device /dev/xxx \
    Maybe with --read-subchan too.
Vincent Pelletier

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