win16 patches

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Wed Mar 31 19:58:24 CDT 2010

Hi C.W., this isn't going to fly.  For one thing,

diff --git a/dlls/kernel32/comm.c b/dlls/kernel32/comm.c
index f4edfd3..a85f158 100644
--- a/dlls/kernel32/comm.c

There's no attribution in this patch.  It can't get committed without
valid attribution.

For another thing, one patch per email, please.

For another,

-    if(!vga_text_console)
+//    if(!vga_text_console)

C++ comments aren't allowed, and removing a line by commenting it out
is frowned upon.  If it's really not needed, just remove it.  But  you
need to justify why it's no longer needed.

More errors remain, but I'll stop at these.  This set is well below
acceptable yet, I'm afraid.

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