po: fixed remaining Slovenian true positives in the winepo error report

Jaka Kranjc smgl at lynxlynx.info
Wed Feb 22 16:10:29 CST 2012

On Wednesday 22 of February 2012 22:25:30 Francois Gouget wrote:
> > Too bad, I missed it. The two usage strings are identical though, so why
> > not split the formalities away after the strings are thawed? Translators
> > that don't use tools with translation memory will just have more work
> > this way.
> That's what should happen eventually. In fact start's messages need a
> thorough rework because it's a pain to work with right now. Also there's
> probably improvements to be made for all command line tools with regards
> to line wrapping. But it's going to take some work and that will all
> have to wait after the 1.4 release as we are in a string freeze right
> now.
Then I suggest it be split into separate strings for each command/parameter 
line and context added to mention any wrapping limit. Maybe even just the 
parts in the second column, so you don't have to bother checking whether 
people accidentally translated the flags. This would be optimal from a 
translator's perspective, but I fear the other programmers would revolt in 
disgust. :)

To err is humor

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