Major mmdevapi and winmm audio bugs

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Fri Feb 24 06:28:48 CST 2012


instead of Wine Weekly News (WWN, any taker?) you get monthly audio news.

The surprising thing is: it looks like most audio bugs remaining in bugzilla
are from the pre-mmdevapi era and have not been updated since mid-2011.

- Using devices other than "default" (dmix or pulse):
#29294 no sound with ALSA loopback  -- are they duplicates of each other
#28781 loopback to Jack             -- or is one about DSound only?

We have are several issues about crackling sound:

- One definitely is caused by CreateTimerQueue which is not regular
  enough or does not deliver 10ms, but 12ms callbacks.  This is in
  #28723 which includes a work-around in comment #130
  That may affect the Solaris machine on too.

- One is caused by a mmdevapi design error: the audio buffer we use is
  simply too small, and Linux can't bear a regular 10ms rate.
  Things got worse since the introduction of the Completely Fair Scheduler.
  It can't even guarantee a regular 50ms one.  There's a need for a much
  larger buffer.  That's why wine < 1.3.25 is giving steadier sound.
  #29531 may be caused by this.

- Mac OS X 10.5.8 crackles constantly with dlls/mmdevapi/tests/render
  I'd like somebody with 10.6 or .7 to perform the interactive test.
  rm -f render.ok; WINETEST_INTERACTIVE=1 make render.ok

- Lastly, there's PulseAudio
  #28856 among others
  I don't understand why I couldn't find bugs in PA's bugzilla, so I wrote some:
     About the need to restart the PA server from time to time
     PA's huge buffering causes issues with winmm
     How to obtain PA's typical 44100 rate?
  Feel free to contribute if you know apps outside Wine with similar issues.
  Surprisingly, users have reported improvements in the latest
  wine-1.4rcX even when nothing changed, but also mentioned updates on
  the PA and alsa_plugins side.  Perhaps that improved the situation.

  I was pleased to see Wine's testsuite help find bugs in Pulse:

There are issues not always associated with a bug entry:
- #29472 comment #12 DSound GetDevicePosition is not how it should be
- Check OSS4 with and without vmix #28056 #28790
- winmm handling huge latency (such as PA's) & when to send notifications
- Issues with microphone capture?
- DSound mixing and buffer sizes & padding vs. GetPosition
- Deal with intermittent errors from ALSA etc. in mmdevapi, winmm and dsound
- Device enumeration and PA preventing access to the underlying device
  Is this known to cause no sound in an app (or only in our wave tests?)
- various missing trailing sound with DSound #21209
- #29369 strange issue involving PA and perhaps messaging
- misc. losing sound: #28319 #25164 #28770
- lead-out needed with dmix
- Use lock-less design to reduce contention, cf. #29531, comment #7
- multi-channel, 5:1 etc. in mmdevapi and DSound
- Bugs in the quartz or winegstreamer area that I don't have on my radar

Of course there are more bugs than this.

	Jörg Höhle

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