Regarding my dinput patches

Lucas Zawacki lfzawacki at
Tue Jan 17 12:19:39 CST 2012

I want to get my dinput patches in before the code freeze, and besides
the ones that I tried to commit last week I have some patches touching
EnumDevicesBySemantics and ConfigureDevices, but I can't commit them
before the DIPROP_USERNAME and configuration file patches are in too.
Seeing that I'll have to change a lot of things in the patches to get
them in I want to ask some questions:

* Is %APPDATA%\DirectInput\User Maps a better place to store the
configuration files?
* Should I use the registry to persist the usernames in the dinput
devices instead of relying on the filename and filetimes like windows
seems to do? Where in the registry does this information belong?
* Any suggestions on how to format all these W strings? I could use
just strcatW, but since I have to convert integers to strings I think
I'll have to look at sprintf variation...
* I'll drop the _ in front the functions from now on. Should I send
patches to remove it in the other functions that already use it?

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