objects/region.c: REGION_FrameRgn

Filip Navara xnavara at volny.cz
Tue Jun 29 01:22:16 CDT 2004

Filip Navara wrote:

> Alexandre Julliard wrote:
>> Filip Navara <xnavara at volny.cz> writes:
>>> Indeed Dimtry was right about the cause of the balloon tooltips
>>> drawing issue. Here is the code for FrameRgn ported from ReactOS that
>>> actaully does the right thing.
>> I don't think you should modify the source region at all, even
>> temporarily; it could be in use somewhere else.
> Well, I lived under the assumption that object locking works like in 
> Windows (it's possible to lock object how many times you want from on 
> thread, but only lock it from one thread at one time).
> Anyway, here is the fixed version that uses temporary region for 
> storing the changes and also produces more correct results.
> Regards,
> Filip
> Changelog:
>    Filip Navara <xnavara at volny.cz>
>    New implementation of REGION_FrameRgn that returns the inner region
>    instead of the outer one. Based on a work of Thomas Weidenmueller.

Oops, in the last patch I mixed up coordinates.

- Filip

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