Tab control update

Jon Griffiths jon_p_griffiths at
Fri Oct 1 09:58:23 CDT 2004


A fairly large update to the tab control. This makes it work as per
native in my app.


   +dlls/comctl32/tab.c dlls/comctl32/tests/tab.c
    Items can be variable sized; use an accessor to retrieve them
    Send WM_NOTIFYFORMAT/WM_QUERYUISTATE to match native messages
    Only create a scroll control when/if we need one (like native)
    Dump tab extra data when tracing
    Combine all Unicode/Ascii calls together
    Pass infoPtr around instead of fetching it multiple times, store
     hwnd and focus state in it too.
    Calculate correct tab widths when TCS_FIXEDWIDTH is not given
    Code simplifications/const correctness/formatting fixes
    Add some new combinations to tests for correct tab sizes

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