[dx9-11] Beginnings of state block information (Try 5)

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at the-edmeades.demon.co.uk
Fri Oct 22 12:42:16 CDT 2004

[Note: This is my first email from a new PC, so if it comes through wrong,
please let me know!]

This is the smallest patch I could make which implements the beginnings of
the state block class, and implement two dummy functions. More stateblock
code will follow (most of stateblock.c from d3d8) but its not a case of cut
and paste so I'll merge as carefully as I can as I implement the
IWineD3DDevice functions. 

In case anyone is interested, I'm not changing d3d8 to use this interface
until full stateblock support is incorporated, as I cant do individual
patches without breaking far too much. It will be easier to get d3d9 working
with wined3d and full device support, then modify d3d8 to use it.


- Implement the beginnings of the stateblock class, and a first method to
use it


Note: This adds a new file (stateblock.c) which is included in the patch,
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