Patch : user32.dll.GetLastInputInfo()

Peter Quiring pquiring at
Thu Oct 28 15:26:07 CDT 2004

Added a stub for user32.dll.GetLastInputInfo().  This function is used by 
IE5.5 installation when using Win2000 mode.  Install seems to run great 
including the reboot phase (wineboot).  Except some files do not get 
extracted for some reason.  Now running IE is still not working yet (for me 
anyways - others say it works).

"Windows" = "win2k"

"advpack" = "native"
"atl" = "native"
"setupapi" = "native"
"*" = "builtin, native"

You will need the native DLLs already install into your /windows/system 
folder (easily found on the internet).
Tested OK.  You have to be really patient during the wineboot phase, it 
seems to do nothing for long periods of time.

Peter Quiring
pquiring at 
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