avicap32 patch (redirected for original author)

Vladdy Impaler m.b.lankhorst at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 16:20:58 CST 2005

This patch is meant for V4L2 devices, it will allow you to use 
capGetDriverDescription in avicap32, I didn't make much effort on 
capCreateCaptureWindow, but if you want to play with it there's some 
basic code, just write the rest of it ;).

If you're interested in getting capCreateCaptureWindow to work, here are 
some links:

First link is satan's avicap32's reference file.
Second link is the v4l2 spec.
Third link is an open source capture program, which relies on 

Some extra header files should be included in avispec and avispec32_main 
for some distributions, and a few extra checks should be incorporated in 
configure.ac to check if <linux/videodev2.h> can be included.

Woops forgot ChangeLog entry:
Maarten Lankhorst <M.B.Lankhorst at gmail.com>
- Wrote avicap32 capGetDriverDescription
- Wrote capCreateCaptureWindow, disabled capCreateCaptureWindow because 
it's callback function is basically a big set of stubs.
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