kernel32: small trace fix in WideCharToMultiByte

Kimmo Myllyvirta kimmo.myllyvirta at
Sun Oct 23 10:51:49 CDT 2005

This fixes cases where trace prited out garbage from beyond the passed 
destination buffer, because WideCharToMultiByte does not null terminate 
0009:Call kernel32.WideCharToMultiByte(00006faf,00000000,557f22e0 
L"Random",00000006,557f2310,00000006,55bc3a87,00000000) ret=56bd295a
0009:trace:nls:WideCharToMultiByte cp 28591 L"Random" -> 
0009:Ret  kernel32.WideCharToMultiByte() retval=00000006 ret=56bd295a

Fix trace in WideCharToMultiByte - do not assume the destination string 
is null terminated.

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