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Louis. Lenders xerox_xerox2000 at
Thu Jun 26 02:20:04 CDT 2008

Hi, some apps like Gameshadow ( check for dxdiag.exe, and give an error if it's not found, so wine needs its own.
 Instead of simple stub, this patch also adds the (simplified)  d3d test like seen in native dxdiag, so users can test  if their d3d  is setup correctly. Screenshot can be seen here:

A few remarks:

-patch contains binary code for a bitmap, so to apply again i had to do
git apply dx.patch
git add programs/dxdiag/
maybe there's a simpler way, but i dunno

- code for  spinning cube  was  partially based on  spinning cube code scattered all over the internet
-rest was ripped of winecfg
- There' s a problem while minizing the d3d-window, but running it in wine-0.9.22 it all goes fine, so this must be a regression somewhere, and not a bug in the attached code. I'll go after that later.
- Hopefully you're not to picky on this patch, it 's quite some line's of code,and i'm sure things need to be improved, but this does not affect wine's core code but os rather an enhancement, and it 's not really possible to send it in in small chuncks.

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