[PATCH] msvcr71: Add forward to msvcrt for ?swprintf@@YAHPAGIPBGZZ and ?vswprintf@@YAHPAGIPBGPAD at Z.

Christian Costa titan.costa at wanadoo.fr
Fri Jan 15 04:34:52 CST 2010

Contrary to what their names let mean, these functions take a buffer size arg like sn* functions.

 0 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
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diff --git a/dlls/msvcr71/msvcr71.spec b/dlls/msvcr71/msvcr71.spec
index 2a35217..d4323b3 100644
--- a/dlls/msvcr71/msvcr71.spec
+++ b/dlls/msvcr71/msvcr71.spec
@@ -42,11 +42,11 @@
 @ cdecl ?set_new_handler@@YAP6AXXZP6AXXZ at Z(ptr) msvcrt.?set_new_handler@@YAP6AXXZP6AXXZ at Z
 @ cdecl ?set_terminate@@YAP6AXXZP6AXXZ at Z(ptr) msvcrt.?set_terminate@@YAP6AXXZP6AXXZ at Z
 @ cdecl ?set_unexpected@@YAP6AXXZP6AXXZ at Z(ptr) msvcrt.?set_unexpected@@YAP6AXXZP6AXXZ at Z
-@ stub ?swprintf@@YAHPAGIPBGZZ
+@ varargs ?swprintf@@YAHPAGIPBGZZ(ptr long wstr) msvcrt._snwprintf
 @ stub ?swprintf@@YAHPA_WIPB_WZZ
 @ cdecl ?terminate@@YAXXZ() msvcrt.?terminate@@YAXXZ
 @ cdecl ?unexpected@@YAXXZ() msvcrt.?unexpected@@YAXXZ
-@ stub ?vswprintf@@YAHPAGIPBGPAD at Z
+@ cdecl ?vswprintf@@YAHPAGIPBGPAD at Z(ptr long wstr ptr) msvcrt._vsnwprintf
 @ stub ?vswprintf@@YAHPA_WIPB_WPAD at Z
 @ cdecl -i386 ?what at exception@@UBEPBDXZ() msvcrt.?what at exception@@UBEPBDXZ
 @ cdecl $I10_OUTPUT() msvcrt.$I10_OUTPUT

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