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Fri Oct 7 14:18:20 CDT 2011

This is an experimental automated build and test service.
Please feel free to ignore this email while we work the kinks out.

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The Buildbot has detected a failed build on builder runtests-default-x86_64 while building Wine.
Full details are available at: (though maybe not for long, as I'm still reinstalling the buildbot periodically while experimenting)
BUILD FAILED: failed shell_3

alarum: failed command was ../../../wine rpc.c 
fixme:rpc:RpcNetworkIsProtseqValidW Unknown protseq L"foo"
err:rpc:rpcrt4_protseq_ncacn_ip_tcp_open_endpoint couldn't listen on port 4114
rpc.c:238: Test failed: RpcServerUseProtseqEp failed (1740)
fixme:rpc:RpcBindingInqAuthInfoExW authorization service not implemented
make: *** [rpc.ok] Error 1

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