Daniel Foesch krach42 at
Wed Apr 4 23:32:20 CDT 2001

>I need them because the toolkit I'm using to code for this particular
>console is very propritery, and requires many wonderful invocations from
>command lines and the such. It'd just be so much easier to let
>parse the bat files than hacking each step together manually :)

Honestly, this is easier said than done. In my previous job, we had a set of
batch files that ran under 4DOS.  I was presented with the problem of getting
them working on the new Win2k server (we were upgrading from a NT4 machine) My
boss didn't care how, he just wanted them to work, and my co-worker (the
sysadmin, I was the techie guy) did NOT want 4DOS on the machine... his opinion
was to move on...  So, I ran the scripts with straight, and guess
what?  No 4DOS necessary... very weird...

Anyways, the moral is that any Unix shell you use is going to be supperior to (which is the WORST command shell I've yet to see in open use) and
the tasks that are done on in your batch files should work about 10 times
better in any shell script.

Daniel "Krach" Foesch
"I'm all in favor of regulations dictating a standard placement of directions
on frozen foods" -Lyle McCracken

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