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Fri Apr 6 09:48:59 CDT 2001

philippe briere wrote:

> Duane Clark a écrit :
>> Japie wrote:
>>> Hello
>>> As my subject already says, I want to print under wine.
>>> Added printer=on to the conf-file, but it doesn't help.
>>> I'am running an win311 routeplanner (my newerone doesn't work) but when I
>>> try to print there is no printer availeble.
>>> I tryed to find some good howto's about printing but didn't find any.
>>> Why can't I sucseed and does corel-photopaint a perfect print-job?
>> I don't know about printing from Photopaint. But the docs for setting up
>> printing in wine are located in the HOWTO:
> Hi,
> I actually tried to apply this HowTo's advice yesterday.
> No way to print with the "simple" technique.
> So I tried to use the Wine PostScript Drive. This drive is visible now
> from Wordpad, but no printing neither.
> I am using last codeweavers release and Mandrake. All this seems really fuzzy
> to me.
> I would appreciate some details.
> Thanks,
> Phil

Yes, it is rather fuzzy. I am pretty sure that only the Wine Postscript 
driver works, and even that only works with some apps. But printing from 
wordpad works fine for me.

If you see the printer in wordpad but it does not print, then I would 
check that the your win.ini file contained:
Wine PostScript Driver=WINEPS,LPT1:

And that your ~/.wine/config contained:

If you can print a postscript file from within Linux using "lpr", then that should work.

You could also try printing to a file. The resulting file will be named 
"file:", and I never did try to figure out how to change that.

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