wine on Mandrake 7.2

Zeev Lieber zeevl at
Wed Apr 11 07:54:21 CDT 2001

>===== Original Message From g.patel at =====
>On Tue, 10 Apr 2001 23:52:40 -0400, Zeev Lieber
><zeevl at> wrote:
>>  It brings up the application, but sometimes gets stuck and
>>doesn't open a System Tray window, as it does on the RedHat.
>>(So once you "minimize" the app it's gone for good).
>Code for managing a system tray window is only included
>for one window manager - Kde.

It works on Redhat 6.1 with Gnome and Enlightenment WM,
and it doesn't work on Mandrake 7.2 with either Gnome
or KDE 2.
It also looks like I'm getting one of those "thread-local
queue" messages for every mouse move event over app window.



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