Runtime error with winelib and CreateMutex()

Jerry Thomas jto at
Wed Apr 18 12:57:58 CDT 2001

Can't find anything at goggle, so hope someone in this group can help.

I've installed codeweavers-wine-20010305-1.i386.rpm on my RedHat 7.0,
which put everything in /opt/wine/.
I built the following program (in file hello.cpp):

#include <iostream.h>
#include <windows.h>

int main()
   INT i = 0;
   cout << "i = " << i << endl;

   HANDLE h = CreateMutex(0, FALSE, "h");

   return 0;

compiling with:

g++ -o hello -I/opt/wine/include/wine -L/opt/wine/lib -lkernel32

When the executable 'hello' is run, the following is output:

i = 0
wine client error:(nil):  buffer overflow 16 bytes

Anyone know why the line initializing variable h is causing this error?

thanks in advance,


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